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Here’s the thing...

We have bought black face masks from a different brand all last year (kids lose them like crazy). My teenage sons (14 & 12) asked me to purchase masks that were a bit larger to cover their faces better, not stuck into their mouths when they speak, and hopefully not slip down during the day. They also wanted a mask that would be more breathable to wear during their track season.

I was leery to buy from a brand with so few reviews, but I gambled and won! When these masks arrived they tried them on and were RAVING about the fit and comfort! My younger son used the adjusters on the ear loops so the mask could sit more snugly on his face, but my older son is adult sized and didn’t need to tighten the straps. They said the mask is easier to breathe though than our old brand also. They aren’t excited about running with a mask on, but they both agreed that this mask is a good compromise.

I’m going to purchase more of these masks in other sizes for myself and my younger son too!