The Best 18 Card Wallet – Borgasets Malta RFID Zipper Wallet

The Best 18 Card Wallet – Borgasets Malta RFID Zipper Wallet

The Best 18 Card Wallet – Borgasets Malta RFID Zipper Wallet   

    APRIL 26, 2017 

By Afra Said Ahmed ,the founder of Through Mama's Eyes 


Let’s talk Wallets. I am one of those women who switches wallets like she switches handbags/purses. It was hard to find the right wallet for myself especially once I moved to the US 5 years and had my first baby in 2013. Many of my cards are for loyalty programs I am a part of like Costco, Ikea Family, Babies R Us, Body Shop, Walgreens, Grocery Stores Programs, Credit Card Point Programs, etc.




I found it really hard to store my cards in my previous wallets, I was constantly doubling up the cards and even if I had 10 card slots it wasn’t enough. This made my wallets tear up and I ended up with holes in the card slots and they looked really ugly. So I decided to one day run a google search for wallets.







To my surprise, I found this picture of a wallet with almost 20 card slots. I was super excited as I really never thought there would be wallets with so many card slots. So I quickly clicked the link and it took me to a wallet on Amazon which leads to a whole new search based on the product name. The choices were endless but I was also very skeptical. For those of you who shop on Amazon, you would know that sometimes even if a product has hundreds of reviews it doesn’t necessarily mean its reputable. Many companies get people to review their items to get high ratings and the product is actually useless.





So after days of going back and forth, I made the decision to purchase my Borgasets Malta RFID Zipper Wallet. It was everything I wanted; Black, leather (according to the description) and had 18 card slots and 2 zipper inserts for notes/coins with a zip!








  • 18 Card Slots

  • Advanced RFID secure technology which protects valuable information stored on the chips on our credit or debit cards from unauthorized scans.

  • 2 Zipper Pockets

  • Super thin with buttons to close so it doesn’t appear bulky

  • Sleek looking and lots of color/design options to choose from



  • None! I love EVERYTHING about this wallet. Just like Fawn Design was “THE one bag” for me, this has become “THE one wallet” 


I reached out to Borgasets and they were kind enough to offer a 20% discount to us! All you need to do is enter the code BorgasetsWallet. You can visit their website on to check out their women’s wallets. They also have a range of men’s products and women’s purses too.

If you are on Amazon Prime and prefer to shop there you can click here to shop their products. However, the prices can differ and the discount won’t apply there.

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