Hi,Welcome to Borgasets.com

Hi,Welcome to Borgasets.com

Welcome to Borgasets !

Borgasets is a high-quality leather goods brand from China.We have been engageded the leather industry for over 20 years in China.We will carefully select high-quality leathers, using exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, production quality Wallet, Handbag, Card case, Tote bag, etc.

Nowadays,the Internet has made it possible to sell directly to the consumer, skipping the cost-increasing middlemen. We bypass every channel, man and woman standing in between you and the product without compromising the product quality. That is to us fair pricing – and fair retailing as we suppose a lady would have gone about it. Our $35 wallet is made at the same Leather and craftsmanship used by the high-end designer brands.

Borgasets brand wallet are made of the industry’s superior materials. Thus, our wallet are made of the same materials and in the same craftsmanship as $100 to $300 brands, but we resell at a fraction of the price because we don’t artificially inflate our prices to make room for increasing middlemen.

Some call it stupid, we call it fair.